Founded by Wendy Cromwell in 2002, Cromwell Art LLC is a full-service bespoke art advisory firm based in New York City that focuses on modern and contemporary art. Fueled by passion and commitment to the highest standards of ethical practice, we combine art market savvy with museum quality services to provide both new and established collectors with art world access and expertise. We work closely with our clients to create an experience that is collaborative, immersive, and enjoyable, based on the open exchange of ideas and information. In this way, Cromwell Art LLC has built collections of lasting value for over thirteen years.

As an art advisor, Wendy presents a unique blend of deep art historical knowledge, premier art market insight, and a highly developed eye that she shares with all her clients. She often lectures on modern and contemporary art, and has published articles on the contemporary works on paper market, a particular area of interest. In addition to her work with established artists, she is also involved with the art of our time and has a keen capacity for spotting promising new talent. She possesses the acumen to correctly assess quality and value, yielding a knack for identifying young, gifted artists who mature into game-changers with lasting credibility in the art world. Alongside her unparalleled counsel, Wendy provides a high level of discreet, confidential service to all of her clients.


Wendy CromwCromwell Art Advisory NYC ell holds a Masters degree in Modern Art from the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU and a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Smith College. Prior to founding Cromwell Art, Wendy assumed many roles in the art world, from curating gallery shows to managing and appraising a Fortune 500 corporate art collection. She has extensive experience as an auction specialist, having studied, handled, and sold key works of Post-War and Contemporary art over a nearly ten year period. As a Vice President of Sotheby’s Contemporary Art in New York, she was directly responsible for running the biannual contemporary auctions. In this position, she also acted as relationship manager for countless consignors and purchasers, whose art she evaluated, researched, catalogued, and sold.

Wendy is involved in numerous philanthropic pursuits supporting contemporary art. She is a member of the Smith College Museum Visiting Committee and co-chairs the Contemporary Associates, a group that funds acquisitions of Contemporary photography and video. In addition, Wendy is a member of the International Committee of the American Friends of the Israel Museum, and contributes to the Contemporary Art Acquisitions Committee.

Wendy is also an active and vital participant in both the field of art advisory and the arts community at large. She is the former President and a current Board member of the Association of Professional Art Advisors (APAA), the only organization that promotes and upholds ethics in the advisory field. She is an outspoken advocate for best practices in an otherwise unregulated field, and has been a featured speaker on panels to address this subject. Her comments on ethics and the art market appear regularly in the press.