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To Regulate or Not to Regulate

Panelists Andrea Crane, private dealer, Noah Horowitz, director of Art Basel North America, Howard Spiegler, co-chair Art Law, Herrick Feinstein LLP, and panel moderator Melanie Gerlis. Recently, I was invited to speak on a panel about regulation in the art word, entitled “Regulation, Would it Spoil all the Fun?” While the title was catchy, it… Read more »

Advocacy & Advisory

Cromwell Art Advisor NYC

As an art advisor, I recognize the power of arts philanthropy and the need to support museums. Among other institutions, I support the Smith College Museum of Art, where I interned as an undergraduate.

Top Picks at Art Basel 2016

  Art Basel is the “mother” of all Contemporary art fairs. The mix of post war painting and sculpture, blue chip Contemporary art, plus hard-to-find examples by mid career and emerging artists, make visiting this fair a thrill. It’s not just the scope, it’s also the quality. Because the fair is spread across two huge… Read more »

Looking Ahead to Frieze New York

I always look forward to the Frieze NY art fair, now in it’s fifth year, because it is a vanguard of sorts.

The Art of Stretching

Here’s a little tutorial on the art of stretching a big painting with a fragile surface. Shout out to Art Crating Inc., a specialty art handling and fabrication company, and Christine Fröhner of Contemporary Conservation!

Ruth Asawa and Beyond

Wendy Cromwell, a New York-based advisor and president of the Association of Professional Art Advisors. “Her (Ruth Asawa) market is a good value compared to Louise Bourgeois, Eva Hesse, and others of her generation.”

Rob Pruitt at The Brant Foundation

Rob Pruitt 50th Birthday Bash exhibition at The Brant Foundation in Greenwich, CT. Pruitt’s silvered tire-towers and paintings of glittering pandas touch an elemental chord, you simply have to love them!

Yayoi Kusama: Obliteration Room

Wendy attended the private opening of Yayoi Kusama’s new interactive sculpture, Obliteration Room, currently on view at David Zwirner gallery. Kusama has many obsessions, among them visions of a dot-covered universe. These hallucinations have both bedeviled and inspired her, serving as source imagery for her paintings, performances and sculpture since the 1960s. Now 86, Kusama… Read more »

Cromwell Art Auction Insights

All eyes are on the Contemporary Art auctions this week, which combined, offer billions of dollars worth of art. Remarkable for their breadth and scope, the auctions are the perfect hunting ground for the true connoisseur. The masterpieces are obvious and all it takes is money to acquire an auction trophy. The true test of… Read more »