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A visit with Justin Adian, Bushwick, New York

Justin Adian’s work is influenced by artists such as Richard Tuttle and other sculptors of the 1960s, but he creates something that is completely his own.

What’s in a frame?

What’s in a frame? A trip to Bark Frameworks reveals just how much is involved. Below is an image of a Christopher Wool work on paper, recently acquired by a client.

Venice Biennale 2015: Time Warp

For a few months every two years, Venice plays host to a riotous infusion of Contemporary art, spread across public parks and infiltrating ancient, private Palazzi; this is the Venice Biennale. This year I was moved by the juxtaposition of old and new, which allowed me to reconsider the works in a new light. Below are a few visual comparisons that particularly struck me.

The Art of Stretching

Here’s a little tutorial on the art of stretching a big painting with a fragile surface. Shout out to Art Crating Inc., a specialty art handling and fabrication company, and Christine Fröhner of Contemporary Conservation!

Ruth Asawa and Beyond

Wendy Cromwell, a New York-based advisor and president of the Association of Professional Art Advisors. “Her (Ruth Asawa) market is a good value compared to Louise Bourgeois, Eva Hesse, and others of her generation.”

Yayoi Kusama: Obliteration Room

Wendy attended the private opening of Yayoi Kusama’s new interactive sculpture, Obliteration Room, currently on view at David Zwirner gallery. Kusama has many obsessions, among them visions of a dot-covered universe. These hallucinations have both bedeviled and inspired her, serving as source imagery for her paintings, performances and sculpture since the 1960s. Now 86, Kusama… Read more »

Cromwell Art Auction Insights

All eyes are on the Contemporary Art auctions this week, which combined, offer billions of dollars worth of art. Remarkable for their breadth and scope, the auctions are the perfect hunting ground for the true connoisseur. The masterpieces are obvious and all it takes is money to acquire an auction trophy. The true test of… Read more »

Studio Visit: Brie Ruais

Brie Ruais with three of her works. From left to right: Push Ahead, Turn 180 degrees, Repeat (132 lbs., Yellow and Violet); Push Ahead, Turn 180 degrees, and Repeat (132 lbs., Platinum); and Push Ahead, Turn 180 degrees, Repeat (132 lbs., Pewter) Wendy recently visited sculptor Brie Ruais at her Sunset Park studio to discuss her forthcoming… Read more »

Artist Talk: Lisa Yuskavage

Wendy was recently invited to hear Lisa Yuskavage speak to the press at David Zwirner Gallery. Yuskavage is known for figurative paintings that depict highly sexualized women in sylvan settings. Her new paintings and works on paper, which are on view until June 13, 2015, show Yuskavage at the height of her game. Color and… Read more »